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Flooring Installation Instructions from the Carpet barn Lancaster NH

Congratulations on choosing your new floor! This pamphlet will help you to be ready for your installation. Here you will find information that answers most common questions.

The Procedure for all Installations:

1. The customer comes to the store and selects materials.

2. We measure your home. While we are there we check/discuss various things such as sub-floors, moldings, removal/disposal of the old flooring, furniture that needs to be moved, stairways, closets, and the suitability of the flooring for your home and lifestyle.

3. The customer pays for the materials at the time of the order, and pays the installer on the day of the installation for the labor charges.


For every person or animal that lives in a space, you should vacuum your carpet once a week. A family of 4 with a pet dog should vacuum their living room five times a week!

4. An installation date is set up. This May Change - for many reasons. Usually it is because a previous job became more complex than anticipated. We are sorry when this happens, but from time to time it does happen, and we cannot be responsible for unforeseen consequences or changes to your schedule.

5. We set up installers for the day of your install. Usually they leave here around 9 - 9:30 AM. Some days they may have more than one installation to do. If it is important that they come to your home in the morning, please let us know ahead of time.

6. We ask that you let us know well in advance (at least a few days) if the installation cannot happen on the scheduled date. If there is still construction or painting going on, then it will be best to wait. We will be forced to charge you $100 for lost time if we get to your house and the jobsite is unavailable on the scheduled date. Be aware that if we have to reschedule, it will not be for the next day. We are usually booked out for weeks and we can't bump all those people. We will have to reschedule you for the next available date - which may be weeks away.


Please know that some kinds of carpet and vinyl can hide seams better than other kinds. For example, a commercial or berber carpet may not hide a seam. For a vinyl floor, a pattern with a grout line will hide a seam better than a pattern with no lines. Also keep in mind pattern matches will require more material to match the seam.

7. The installers are sub-contractors, and as such they are professionals in charge of their own work. We try to facilitate their work as best we can because they do good work, and we want to keep them happy. From time to time they may give you advice about the best way to handle your flooring installation. They are a knowledgeable resource and you should listen closely! However, keep in mind that they are not employees of the store, and they have no training with how materials are sold. If you have any questions about anything, please call the store to ask.


Different kinds of carpet fibers will each perform in their own way on your floor. For example, nylon has traditionally been the fiber that resists crushing better than the other fibers. Olefin is a fiber that resists stains better than other fibers. Polyester fibers are getting better all the time, and they have the most vibrant colors. New fibers coming out are being produced with even better soil resistance and with lovely soft textures. Keep in mind though, that no carpet can resist everything! You must maintain your carpet regularly to keep it looking its best.

What you should do to get ready ahead of time

1. The room and closets should be emptied of your belongings and furniture. Call us for any special situations. If you have a piano, a waterbed, a pool table, an aquarium, or a huge dining room hutch, then you may need to hire a professional mover to take care of this. We don't move these items, nor do we disconnect computers or electrical equipment. We do not reconnect them either.

2. There is an extra charge to have installers remove the old carpeting and dispose of it at the transfer station. If you would like to save this expense you can remove the old carpeting and pad yourself, and leave the room completely empty. If you find that the old flooring had been glued down please talk to us about this ahead of time. We may need to do additional preparation as well as the regular flooring.

3. Some installations may require removal of your baseboards/mopboards. The installer may decide at the time of your installation that your baseboards should be removed to allow for a better job. There are many factors that can influence this decision. If the installer does remove them, he will put them back. However, we cannot be responsible if there has been some damage. Our installers are not carpenters, and cannot always make them look like they did beforehand. You may need to do some prep and painting work to the baseboards afterwards.

4. Look at your room as a jobsite. Make sure that anything that could be damaged by the work being done is removed from the room. Ex: wires, cords, lighting fixtures, computer fixtures and things hanging low in closets. If the installer is installing in a very small room, keep in mind that he will have to maneuver materials and tools in that space. Curtains and shelves on the walls may need to be removed to make room.

5. Paint your rooms before you have the flooring installed. But keep in mind that paint or wallpaper may become damaged (usually down near the floor!) during the installation process. You will probably need to retouch your paint after the work is complete.

6. Appliances/fixtures: We do not remove or replace the following fixtures: toilets, radiators, claw foot tubs, gas stoves, gas dryers, refrigerators with ice makers/water dispensers, gas heating units, dishwashers or aquariums, etc... You will need to make arrangements with a plumber ahead of time to have these things removed and then put back later. Most of the time we do not install under to dishwasher because it changes the height of the floor and the dishwasher won't fit back in. We will remove the front plate and install under the front part of the dishwasher. However, you should keep in mind that someday if you need to have work done on the dishwasher, you will have to have the counter lifted in order to remove the dishwasher.

Every home is different... but a general standard for steam cleaning carpets is once a year. If you have pets, smokers, children, then your home may be better off with cleaning twice a year! This will clean the soiling that vacuuming doesn't get and help to fluff up the carpet fibers. Steam cleaning also helps with any hygienic issues that may have happened in your room.

7. Doors: When an installation changes the height of your floor it may cause problems with the doors in that room. The doors may not open and close smoothly without rubbing on the floor. The installer will remove a door to do an installation, but when he puts it back, he may find that it doesn't close like it did and he will take it off again. The installers are not carpenters and cannot be responsible for cutting doors.

Specialized information for your type of flooring:

If you are having vinyl installed you will want to think about the next few days afterward. You will have a nice smooth new floor with adhesive that is drying underneath it. It could very well cause a problem if you move heavy items over the floor too soon. We recommend laying down sheets of luan on the new floor in order to distribute weight more evenly, especially if you need to put appliances back right away. Nothing tears sheet vinyl better (or worse!) than moving a refrigerator! Also use the luan on the floor if you are using a hand truck to move appliances. Wheel tracks can easily be seen when they're over a vinyl with wet adhesive underneath.

If you are having ceramic installed, be aware that this takes more than one day. On the first day there will probably be sub-floor installed unless you already have a concrete pad. Then the tile will be put down with thin-set. It is very important at this stage to NOT walk on the tiles! The thin-set must have thoroughly set before you walk on the tiles. If you need to access, then please lay (gently!) down a sheet of plywood over the entire thing and walk lightly on that, if absolutely necessary. The next day is grouting. It's a good idea not to wash your grout for at least several days after the installation, to allow it to set. You can, however, carefully wash each tile to remove grout residue. Then from 3 - 30 days (depending on brand instructions) after the installation is complete it's a good idea to seal your grout to prevent stains, and to make it easier to clean.

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